• Postgraduate Degree in Medicine and Pharmacology for Translators (English to Italian), Communication Trend Italia (CTI), Milan, final grade 100/100.
  • Honours Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (English and German), Istituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne (IULM), Milan, final grade 110/110.


  Affiliate Member N. 055

In my practice I follow ANITI’s code of conduct for translators.

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corsi di aggiornamento

Translation Terminology and Technology, CIOL Training by Ana Frankenberg-Garcia and Richard Lackley, 27/11/2020.

Tradurre un manuale di dispositivo medico, online workshop on EN>IT translation of medical devices with Silvia Barra, by STL, October 2020.

Tecniche di post-editing per la traduzione automatica, online course on MTPE techniques by Federico Gaspari (STL Training), June-July 2020. >see the certificate

Post-Editing/Reviewing Course (MTPE) by TAUS Translation Automation User Society, 24/05/2020. >see the certificate

Revision and Editing Techniques for Translators, by Marga Burke, eCPD Webinars, March 2020.

Improving Heathcare through Clinical Research, University of  Leeds, UK and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Oct-Nov 2019. >see the course syllabus or the certificate of achievement

Medical Translation, webinar series by Erin Lyons for •Where Regulatory Rules: Translating Leaflets, Packaging and Labelling / •Medical Journals: Translating Like a Writer, not a Scientist / •Translating “Untranslatables” in Medical Translation, Sep-Nov 2019.

Il Consenso Informato dopo la Legge n. 219/2017, conference on Informed Consent organised in Treviso by APF and the local state medical board, October 2019. [read my article in Italian]

Refresher Course on Parkinson’s Disease, seminar for GMPs held in Treviso by Accademia Limpe-Dismov, September 2019. [read my article in Italian]

Getting a Good Start in Medical Translation, webinar by Jason Willis-Lee, eCPD Webinars, June 2019.