Dual nationality, double passion

The daughter of an Italian doctor and a Swiss teacher, I was raised listening to medical terms, appreciating Swiss precision and having an open mind. I have been fond of languages and science since my high school years.

Corporate experience

Besides working as a freelance translator, I have been serving as an executive and CEO’s assistant for several years. That is why I am familiar with the dynamics and challenges a project manager has to face daily. And I know how to help my clients deal with an ever-demanding, fast-paced market.

Ongoing professional development

I strongly believe in personal growth and continuous professional learning. This is why I devote time to learning and staying updated about issues in the medical field and in my profession in general. As a translator, I try to gain a deeper knowledge of the topics I translate, with the related specific terminology, as well as of new trends and useful tools for language professionals.


I focus on your needs. I offer professional expertise, commitment to always deliver the best possible translation, flexibility and reliability when it comes to deadlines. You can also expect direct and prompt communication from me. Every time.

If anything is unclear or if issues arise while working at your project, I ask for clarification or additional information in order to avoid mistakes. I appreciate your feedback and always try to draw lessons from it.