Life sciences and medical translations from English to Italian

Medical texts? We speak the same language!

I translate your medical & pharmaceutical documents with competence and passion.

If you need final texts that read like original Italian docs written by medical professionals, I’ll be glad to help.

Who I work with

Medical and scientific publishing houses


Addressing the general public and talking to specialists are two different matters… You need someone who can deal with different types of articles or technical-scientific texts and professionally translate them with the target reader in mind.


Pharmaceutical companies

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your technical translations, someone who listens to your needs and confidentiality requirements, complies with your project specifications and deadlines and uses consistent terminology? I can be your translation partner, as I’m here to assist you and contribute to your success in the Italian market.


Medical and patients associations

Italy is on the cutting edge of several significant fields, both in research and medical practice. If you need your research paper published by an Italian journal, or your article read by doctors or patients in Italy, I can help you.


I can translate a variety of texts for you, ranging from journal articles through regulatory documents to medical conference proceedings, to mention a few. Always from English to Italian!